Sanford family challenges city code over pet pig

The Swaney Family says they'll do everything they can to keep their family pet pig.

They were recently contacted by animal control informing them that it was illegal to keep the pig at it is considered livestock.

Ryan Swaney saig he got the pig, who he named Maggie, about nine months ago from a couple in Sanford he'd met on Facebook.

"They just said they couldn't take care of her any longer, so we took her, and she seemed wonderful with us," he said.

Swaney said since then, she'd become part of the family. He said his 9-year-old son especially loves her.

"Once she's chilled out and had enough to eat for the day, she'll come up and lay down and get a belly rub."

Sanford city code classifies pigs as livestock though, not pets, and says Swaney can't keep Maggie at his property.

"While you may not have adversity to a pig, horse, or whatever, your neighbor may. That creates compatibility issues. That's one of the reasons we have zoning," said Darrell Presley, with Sanford Development Services.

The city says from the time they get notice from animal control about the pig, the Swaneys will have about three months before they may start getting fined up to $500 per day for owning Maggie. Swaney said he's going to try changing city code, so they can keep her.

"I'll continue to fight it, because I don't think it's right," he said.

Swaney has a friend who can keep Maggie while he fights to change city code.