Sanford-area wholesaler selling fresh food to the public due to COVID-19 shuttering restaurants

From fresh yellow mangos to potatoes and onions, Sanwa Foods is now selling directly to the public three days a week. 

“We just brought in Florida cantaloupe. A dollar a piece. A lot of been consumed at my house,” said owner Stanley Leung.  

Typically, his business sells only their meats, fish and produce to restaurants at wholesale prices.

“Due to all the COVID-19 stuff, our restaurant accounts have all been closed. More than 50 percent of our accounts have closed,” Leung said.  

He figured he’d try selling to the public, creating a win-win for everyone.  

“We’ve still got lights and bills and rent we’ve got to pay, and two, there’s definitely a need in this community. Not a lot of places to get fresh product at an affordable price,” Leung said.

They’re going on their third week trying this temporary business model.  

Leung shared pictures from last week’s open-air market: Clementines 3 pounds for $2. A pound of fresh asparagus for $2.   

“It’s really starting to pick up steam.  A lot of the residents here in Sanford really enjoy it,” Leung said.   

He gave us a sneak peek at some of Saturday’s offerings. 

“We’re doing chicken wings at $14.99 for 10 pounds. We’re doing rib eye right now [for] $5.99 by the pound for a 15-pound slab,” he said.  

Sanwa Foods is selling fruits and veggies in smaller quantities.

“Everything is affordable. Everything under $5,” Leung said.

He's also selling toilet paper: Four rolls for $2.

Leung and his staff are setting up under an overhang attached to their distribution area.  

Leung said they've measured out blue tape every six feet on the ground to encourage social distancing. 

Sanwa Foods is open to the public Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9 a.m.-noon.  

It's located at 1300 S. French Avenue in Sanford.