Salvation Army feeds women, children all day on Christmas

The Salvation Army’s women’s shelter in Orlando is at capacity this Christmas. 

It’s offering meals all day to the dozens of women and children staying there.

The Salvation Army is serving breakfast, lunch and dinner at the women’s shelter on Christmas Day to those who need it.

The shelter is staying open all day. 

It’s normally closed during the day and only open during the evening, but managers wanted to ensure that people who need it have a place to sit and relax on Christmas Day.

“I think everyone deserves to feel special, on Christmas especially. But I think everyone deserves to feel special everyday and to have these kind of facilities everyday. I, myself, was homeless at one time and didn't have these facilities available to me because it was back in the day when they didn't have these kind of facilities offered in the Orlando area, but now they have them offered, so it's very important, especially for the women and children,” said Salvation Army Facilities Manager Sindy Connell.

Gifts are also being handed out to people staying at the shelter.