Sabatini: Eustis will 'gladly accept' Confederate monuments

The City of Eustis has about 20,000 people, and at least three of them, including Mayor Robert Morin, are shocked by a post by City Commissioner Anthony Sabatini.

It reads, "To any cities or counties that would like to donate their Confederate monuments to the City of Eustis, we will gladly accept and proudly display our nation's history.  Thank you."

Mayor Robert Morin responded, "I think it's appalling and disgusting that the city of Eustis would be used as a pawn to bring a national issue to a local level."

"Our history is always intertwined with race, doesn't mean we should delete or try to whitewash it," Sabatini  said.

But though Mayor Morin recognizes this controversial invite is on Commissioner Sabatini's personal page, he said  as a city administrator, Sabatini shouldn't have written it.

Morin said there has not been and are no plans for any commission discussion about an invite by the city.

Born and raised Eustis resident Monica Buggs said,  "I felt it was divisive, unnecessary, racist.  Why would you do it?"

The next city commission meeting is scheduled for September 7.