Ryan Rogers murder: Documents suggest racial motive in teen’s Palm Beach Gardens stabbing

Semmie Williams, the 39-year-old Florida man accused of brutally killing 14-year-old Ryan Rogers in Palm Beach Gardens, allegedly used racially charged language during the intake process at a Palm Beach County jail.

Jailhouse records obtained by Fox News Digital show that on Dec. 2, Williams allegedly fought with officers, called one a "White devil," and suggested a motive behind the teen’s stabbing death.

"While fingerprinting his left hand, I asked him if he understood the charges," Officer Michael McCabe wrote in an incident report. "He stated, ‘Yea, murder, because of what they did to Black people about giving them syphilis.'"

McCabe added that Williams’ voice then "became significantly louder" -- but what he said next was redacted.

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The suspect allegedly tried to break free from the officer’s grip but failed. McCabe slammed him to the ground and other jail guards helped hold him down until he complied with their orders. They placed him in handcuffs.

(Palm Beach Gardens Police)

"If y’all didn’t help him, I was going to whoop his a--," he said next, according to the incident reports. "White devil!"

Police arrested Williams in Miami late last month after he allegedly approached Ryan and stabbed him to death near an I-95 overpass on Nov. 15. Palm Beach Gardens Police Chief Clinton Shannon originally described it as "a random act" with no discernable motive.

Ryan left his home on his bicycle at around 6:39 that evening, according to authorities. When he failed to return by 10:30 p.m., his parents reported him missing.

Court documents allege that Williams killed him around 7:31 p.m. Investigators said they found Williams’ DNA on a pair of headphones left at the scene and Ryan’s DNA on a bloody bandana in the suspect’s possession at the time of his arrest.

The teen had been stabbed "numerous times in the head and face," according to the criminal complaint.

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In an earlier interview with police, Williams denied any role in the crime. 

However, he allegedly confessed to jail guards during the incident. The redacted portion contains more details about the confession, sources tell Fox News Digital.

Williams is being held without bail on a charge of first-degree murder.

A YouTube channel attributed to Williams showed hundreds of short cellphone videos in which he complains that he is stalked, abused and harassed by members of the public and police – often accusing passersby of being secret police, racists and cult members.

The videos often show nothing related to the claims he makes – instead capturing scenes of passing cars, grass and sidewalks.

YouTube did not respond to Fox News Digital’s questions about the channel but has taken it down.

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