Robot uses UV light to tackle dog flu

A robot which uses ultraviolent germicidal irradiation is being used to tackle the dog flu.  The technology, which is typically applied in hospitals, has arrived at Woof Orlando, which closed its door last week due to canine influenza virus.

"So it basically uses UV-C light to zap germs or kill germs," explains Ryan Bridges with Xenex. "Back in 2014, when the Ebola outbreak happened this system was used in Dallas in order to help disinfect the rooms where the Ebola patient was."

"It's been really rough as a business to lose seven days of revenue," said Michelle Olds.  "It's a huge blow to do it,  but felt it was something we had to do for the dogs that come here and the dogs in Orlando."

Olds says they have already scrubbed and disinfected, but the robot is expected to blast away any germs that may have stuck around.  

Woof Orlando will reopen on Thursday, but Olds says they will have new protocol in place.