Rising St Johns River threatens homes in Astor

Irma is long gone, but her wrath is just now devastating hundreds of homes in the small town of Astor, Florida. The expectation is it will only get worse in the Lake County community.

The St. Johns River, which flows north in Central Florida, is breaching its banks.  Astor sits along the river and is just now getting additional water flowing in from all points south, and even some flowing back from Jacksonville.  To make matters more complicated, rain is in the forecast for the next days. 

From aerial video taken from the SkyFOX Drone, you can see water has invaded the town.  Hundreds of homes are already waterlogged and many more are threatened.  From the water level, the devastation becomes even more clear.

Officials said the St. Johns is over four feet above normal levels, and they expect the river to rise another six to eight inches.  Folks who live here, like Allen Jake Jacobson, of Astor Bait and Tackle, have a much different idea.

"I think it's going to get another foot-foot and a half higher at least."

You can see lawn chairs that look like they're sitting on the water and disappearing boat docks.  The most shocking discovery is the sheer number of people who have or will lose their homes -- somewhere in the hundreds -- which is significant in this small community. 

Jacobson estimates, "I would say 300 to 350 or more!"

Residents are asking people to not come out and drive around and make a wake.  Astor now has a curfew from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. nightly.