Residents keep watchful eye on St Johns River

Streets were washed out and driveways impassable, as the St. Johns River sent water upstream to Lake Harney.

Bruce Terry owns a few acres off of Lake Harney Road. His home is elevated, but his AC unit isn't. "My AC, I know it's ruined. Water all through it. My duct work runs under the house, I know it's ruined."

He said he's been living off a generator for five days, but he may now have to leave as overflow from the river continues flooding his property.

"I understand hurricanes, this and that. This is part of it, but this is a little much for me."

The natural drain on his property is normally two feet, but now it's five to six feet.

"I've never seen it like this.  Last year, when Matthew came through, not a problem. Now this year, floodgates."

Terry said if the water doesn't recede by Saturday, he will have to evacuate.