Residents asked to conserve water due to stressed sewer system

Residents of South Brevard Beaches are being asked to limit their sewer usage because of a severely backed-up system.

The county says 15 inches of rain fell on Brevard in a 12 hour period, and a lot of that water found it's way into the sanitary sewer system. Residents who live south of Pineda Causeway are being asked to limit flushing of toilets, along with laundry, and dishwasher use.

"We don't want sewage backing up in peoples homes," said Brevard County Spokesperson Don Walker, "and the problem with something like this is it may not be your sewage, it may be someone else's."

The local sewer plant is operating at 200 percent capacity, and because their backup holding ponds are completely filled, they are forced to dump hundreds of thousands of treated wastewater into the Indian River Lagoon.