Report: Woman fights off man who swam up to home and broke in

Seminole County sheriff's deputies arrested a man wearing nothing but underwear after they say he broke into a home. But he picked the wrong house to target. A retired military officer was inside. 

"I don’t exactly know where he came from. I have no clue whatsoever."

Candice Barnes says her mom was sitting on the porch of her home near Apopka Wednesday when a man swam up to her. According to an arrest report, Zachary Helton was drenched, wearing nothing but underwear. 

"He immediately says I need to get inside. So she realizes he wants inside of our home," said Barnes.

Barnes says he wouldn't take no for answer. She says he shoved her mom aside, entered their apartment and locked both women inside. 

What he didn't now is Barnes is former military police. She didn't have a gun but, "My next best thing: we’re in the kitchen. I have knives available. I grabbed the knife and I advance on him bc you’ve just told me I can’t leave my home," said Barnes.

She wrestled him, cornering him until Seminole County deputies showed up. She says he tried to get away once but, "for me, no you’re not going to do that. I have you where I want you. You need to stay there for now." 

She says her mom is shaken but alright and Candice Barnes is doing just fine. 

"I don’t think anything of it. I was protecting myself and my mom. You’re going to underestimate me and that works for my advantage and not yours.

Helton is locked up, charged with burglary, kidnapping, damage to property and criminal mischief and resisting an officer.