Report: DNA on underwear leads to suspect's arrest in Lake Eola Heights sexual battery case

Crime Scene

The Orlando Police Department says that DNA from sexual battery victims underwear helped lead them to her attacker months later. 

According to a newly released report, Jackson Robbins, 45, allegedly entered the victims home in the Lake Eola Heights neighborhood on March around 4:30 a.m. Officials say the victim was sleeping next to her fiancee when Robbins allegedly began touching her sexually. The victim, assuming it was her fiancess, told him to stop. That's when police say Robbins forcefully digitally penetrated her. The victim immediately screamed and the intruder ran from the bedroom.

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The victims fiancee chased the intruder, but he got away. 

DNA evidence from the victims underwear was tested at a lab for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. In August, results came back indicating that the DNA matched Robbins.

He was arrested on Sept. 6. According to the report, Robbins claimed that he didn't know the victim and could not give an explanation as to why his DNA would be on her underwear.

Robbins was charged with burglary of a dwelling with assault or battery and sexual battery.