Red Cross advises you take these safety steps as Isaias approaches Florida's coast

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The American Red Cross is urging Florida residents to follow their safety steps to keep informed and prepared for Isaias.

The storm could bring strong winds, heavy rain, and dangerous surf conditions to Florida, especially along the eastern coast.

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The American Red Cross advises that Florida residents take the following safety steps to stay informed and get ready:

  • "Know the difference between a watch and warning. A 'watch' means a hurricane, tropical storm or flooding is possible. A 'warning' means conditions are expected within 36 hours.
  • "Monitor local radio and news channels, or a NOAA radio, for the latest updates. Follow guidance from local officials.
  • "Check your emergency kit and replace any missing items, as well as adding items to protect against COVID-19 like disinfectant supplies (hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol and cleaning wipes) and cloth face coverings for everyone in your household who can wear one safely. 
  • "If you can’t shelter in place, have a plan for where you’ll go (relatives, friends) and know what sheltering resources may be available through emergency apps or messaging from local emergency management officials. 
  • "Don’t forget your pets. Bring them indoors and maintain direct control of them. Prepare a pet emergency kit with leashes or carriers, food, water, bowls, cat litter and box, and photos of you with your pet in case you are separated."

The American Red Cross also says that they are coordinating closely with state and county government emergency management partners to support the needs of the communities impacted. 

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