Recount results to be certified by state officials on Tuesday

On Tuesday, the results of the manual recount will be certified by state officials, making Sunday's results final.

There were minor changes in the vote totals after the mandatory manual recount, but not enough to change the outcomes of the polls. Official results have been posted, placing the most high stakes race in the country in the books. 

Incumbent Bill Nelson conceded the U.S. Senate race to Rick Scott in an online speed on Sunday afternoon, as Scott lead Nelson by more than 10,000 votes. Nelson was considered one of the moderate democrats in the Senate and in his concession, he underlined the importance of working across the aisle. 

U.S. Senator Bill Nelson says that he will "continue to fight hard for what's right and I will also encourage others to see common ground with their colleagues. Colleagues on the other side of the aisle."

Governor Rick Scott issued a statement after Nelson's concession, saying that "now the campaign is truly behind us and that is where we need to leave. We must do what Americans have always done: come together for the good of our state and our country."