Random act of kindness leads to new bike

A simple flyer hanging in an Apple Valley convenience store led to a simple act of kindness that made a huge difference.

Charlotte Trebesch, almost 10, had her bike stolen in front of her house in June.

“Really bad. Because I can't go anywhere,” said Charlotte.

So a couple weeks ago, she put up a sign at the convenience store hoping for leads

“It was Charlotte's idea, something she wanted to do up. I said go for it, you never know what happens,” said Andy Trebesch, Charlotte’s father.

“It was up for about a week before anybody contacted,” said Miranda Trebesch, Charlotte’s mother.

That anybody turned out to be a complete stranger.

Daniel Angerman, a truck driver, is a father of four. After a few stops in that Holiday, he texted the number and offered to buy Charlotte a new bike.

“I saw it a couple times for probably two weeks and every time I saw it, it kinda just tugged at me,” said Daniel Angerman.

The Trebesch family couldn’t believe it. They arranged to meet at a Wal-mart for Charlotte to pick out a bike Understandable caution quickly disappeared.

“He wasn't just a crazy dude that was trying to trick us!” said Charlotte.

He bought her a bike lock, to boot.

Andy Trebesch posted it to Facebook. In about a half hour, the post received 107 likes and it continued to spread.

“The reason I like doing that kind of thing, it'd be nice if you did see it more and I think that's the lesson behind all that,” said Angerman.

Now Charlotte has a new sign posted at the store.

It says “Thank you Daniel for the bike.”

“That's really cool. It's amazing,” said Charlotte.