Racist note left on Coppell student's desk after Trump's election

Several students at Coppell High School claim they’ve been targets of discrimination ever since President-elect Donald Trump won on Election Day.

Things have gotten so bad at the school, the principal sent out a letter saying if the student code of conduct is violated, there will be consequences.

Ivonne Kinser says she was disturbed when she learned a racist letter was left on a Hispanic student’s desk at her son’s school.

A student wrote "Farewell to you my ole' friend from tech theater.” The note went on to say, “Thank you for all you and your family did to try and make Coppell a better community. Y’all were such a blessing when it came to building our new arena and turf room. We are very sad our school will not stay very clean anymore but if we need you, we will stay in touch. You will be gratefully missed.” The back of the note said “Make America great again!!! Adios!” and “Donald will miss you too.”

“I think I was in shock along with everyone in the community who realized that was happening in our beautiful community, usually very inclusive,” Kinser said. “It hurts.”

When Kinser saw the letter, she posted it on Facebook.

“The first thing we have to do as a community is accept that it is here in our school with our children,” she said. “Once we accept that it is happening, then we can do something about it."

In response to questions about the letter, the district says it will continue to monitor and supervise student behavior in the classroom. But it's not clear if anyone has been disciplined.

Kevin Martinez, a sophomore at Coppell High, says he was also a target of discrimination on Election Day.

“I have had a comment, ‘How does it feel this being your last day here?'” he recalled. “I got mad because it is very disrespectful and impolite."

Kevin says Trump's campaign with talks of building a wall and deporting "bad hombres" has allowed students to feel that saying hateful things is acceptable.

“They are trying to be funny,” Kevin said. “But it is not funny at all."

However, Kinser is hopeful that Mr. Trump has now taken a more conciliatory tone and even hopes people will come together in support of the president-elect.

“Like it or not, he is the pilot flying this plane we are all on,” she said. “If he succeeds, we are safe. If he fails, we are all going down."

The principal of Coppell High says in the letter that counselors are available to students who need support.