Raccoon named Hank Williams spotted hanging out of car on Florida road

A raccoon who goes by the name Hank Williams and thinks he's a dog was spotted in a driver's lap going down a Florida road.

Savannah Jade and her boyfriend, Jermaine, were driving down Suncoast Boulevard in Homosasssa on Sunday when they spotted a raccoon in the lap of the driver next to them. 

"Whoa!" Jermaine can be heard in the background as his girlfriend points out the raccoon to him. 

The video has since been posted on Facebook, garnering attention quickly. Even the driver of the vehicle and owner of the raccoon was alerted to it.

"Just to let everyone know, that was me in that car and the famous raccoon's name is Hank Williams," Trisha Dunavant commented.

She went on to say that she rescued the raccoon when he was two-weeks-old. He fell and his mother left him behind, so she rescued him. 

"He thinks he's a dog and is best friends with my 100-pound pitbull. He just had his first birthday," Trisha said.

Trisha went on to leave more comments on the video. She said that "I didn't realize that so many people would react . To me, it's just an everyday thing with him. He's like one of my kids."

This story was written in Orlando, Florida.