Puppy stolen from Altamonte Springs apartment

An Altamonte Springs man is desperately searching for his puppy after police say someone broke into his apartment and stole it. 

Anthony Diaz says when he got home from work Monday, he noticed that his front door was wide open and the door to his balcony was pulled off the track. His 6-month-old English Bull dog named Belle was gone, along with her cage. 

“It’s like a hole in your chest, like something is just missing,” Diaz said. “I was obviously very upset. Emotional.” 

Diaz says whoever broke in left all of his electronics and jewelry. He says the culprit just went for the dog and her cage. 

“I think it was definitely a targeted attack for her. Just because of her price tag and what the dogs typically go for,” he explained. 

Diaz says the dog and her cage are worth around $4,500. But to him, it’s not about the money. It’s about getting back a family member. 

“She’s a spoiled baby. We just tried on, on Sunday her first bikini and summer hat,” he said, laughing.

Altamonte Springs Police are investigating. Anyone with information about the burglary or where the dog may be is asked to give them a call.