Pulse survivors disappointed with Salman verdict

Survivors of the Pulse Nightclub massacre are expressing disappointment in the Noor Salman trial verdict.  Some said they had hoped they would get justice through a conviction.

"It's just sad news that justice wasn't served," said Orlando Torres, who hid inside a bathroom stall on the night of the shooting. Those memories will never fade.

"I'm so disappointed and devastated by the news of the verdict of Noor Salman, and I'm sure the rest of the other survivors are just as devastated as well," he added. 

He believed prosecutors should have taken more time to present evidence, and he himself was ready to take the stand too if necessary.

"They said,'No, it's okay Orlando. We decided not to, and we already got enough.' To me, I don't think enough was enough.  All charges not guilty kind of blew my mind. There should have been something there. Something to hold her accountable."

For the survivors, the verdict is just another challenge to overcome, in their recovery from that fateful night in June of 2016.

"It's just another jab into our wounds.  We expected justice to be served. It's just sad news that justice wasn't served."