Pulse sign shines again

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As mourners continued laying wreaths and flowers under the Pulse nightclub sign on Wednesday evening, behind a black tarp separating Pulse from the street, the club owner’s husband was gearing up in a hazmat suit.  Next to him, also suiting up, was a Florida Department of Law Enforcement officer. 

Once covered from head to toe, the two walked into the club.  They did so for one specific purpose: to light up Pulse’s marquee sign.  Outside, discretely standing off to the side with her eyes on the sign, club owner Barbara Poma waited anxiously. 

Standing next to her attorney, Poma did not say a word.  She didn’t have to, as the pain and anxiety from what happened inside her club was written all over her face.  At times, you could see her breathing deeply, as if she was trying keep her emotions under control. 

After several minutes and several trips in and out of Pulse made by Poma’s husband and the FDLE agent, the sign did not appear to be lit.   A phone call to an employee clarified that the light would not be seen, until the sun went down.