Publix takes heat for Putnam campaign donation

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Publix Super Markets is taking some heat for getting political. Florida's largest grocery store chain is spending big money on Republican Adam Putnam's campaign for governor.

The Tampa Bay Times first reported Publix donated $670,000 to Putnam in the last three years, and as that news spread across the state, it triggered some backlash. Critics keyed into Putnam’s prior tweet in which he described himself as a ‘proud NRA sellout.’ 

Parkland student activist David Hogg tweeted, "guess I’ll be getting chocolate chip muffins elsewhere from now on.”

Others are weighing in with similar tweets with a ‘Boycott Publix’ hashtag. 

Publix responded by noting it is supporting Putnam, not the NRA, and that it has supported Putnam for more than 20 years. 

Both Putnam and Publix are from Polk County. Publix said it is supporting Putnam in the 2018 race for governor because he is pro-business and believes he would make a good governor.

Putnam is proud to have the company’s support and hopes people will separate the shopping experience from the company’s political views. 

"Everybody knows they are by far the best place to shop in the state of Florida," said Putnam. "They started in Polk County. I shop at store number three.”