Publix opens vaccine appointments to 'high-risk' people under 65

Publix will begin administering the COVID-19 vaccine to people under 65 who are considered 'high risk.'

The application portal opened at 7 a.m. on Wednesday. 

Seniors can book their appointment at when the portal reopens.

The Department of Health released a new form that allows high-risk people under 65 to get vaccinated. Starting Wednesday, it is required as part of the governor’s executive order.

The form is for physicians to certify that a person has been determined to be extremely vulnerable to COVID-19 and is therefore eligible to receive the vaccine. The executive order requires highly trained medical staff to administer it.

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Now if you already have an appointment scheduled at Publix, the company has issued more guidance saying that they will start requiring this form for appointments scheduled on or after Friday for vaccinations. The form is only required for people who are high-risk under the age of 65.