Protestors rally in support of President Trump’s election fraud allegations

Supporters of President Donald Trump took to the streets of Orlando on Friday to display their support for the President’s claims that the election is being stolen by the Biden campaign and the Democrats.

The protestors voicing allegations of voter fraud, ballot tampering, attacks on election transparency, and calls to stop the counting of so-called illegal ballots.

The “Protect the Vote, Stop the Biden Steal” rally was held Friday afternoon at the intersection of Colonial and Bumby in Orlando.

About 100 supporters showed up to wave flags and chant, including Darlene Taglione who says she’s not buying the election results.

“I go to trump rallies where I’m with tens of thousands of people, no way, no way do I think trump lost, no way will I accept a trump loss, no way will I endure another president with any support at all,” said Darlene Taglione, Trump supporter.

Another point of frustration for the supporters is the GOP. They want to see more republicans speaking out in defense of the President and in support of his claims that the election is rigged.