Protesters send loud message to President Trump's rally

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The message at the event up the street from the Amway Center was clear Tuesday night: anyone but Trump in 2020.

Local Democrats and activists held their own rally Tuesday, the Win With Love Rally, about a half mile up the street from the President's announcement next to the Stonewall Bar in Downtown Orlando.

A diverse range of musicians and performers took to the stage in the early evening followed by a parade of speakers from, among others, the Latino community, the LGBTQ community, the disabled community, and local Democratic state leaders.

The speakers spoke on a number of topics but all pointed in the same direction: displeasure with President Donald Trump and the policies of the current administration. Survivors of both the Pulse Shooting and Hurricane Maria took the stage calling out the President for failing them in their times of need and for, they said, working against their communities while trying to appear supportive.

The most eye-catching piece of the rally for many was likely the giant, inflatable Baby Trump balloon that's become infamous at anti-Trump rallies around the world. Organizers said the community actually crowd sourced the money to bring the balloon to town.

Organizers of the rally Tuesday encouraged the crowd to not engage with or debate counter-protesters from the other side, though they said all were welcome to attend the event if they pleased.

On at least a few occasions, President Trump supporters did enter the crowd resulting in a few shouting matches. At one point, Orlando Police formed a human barricade between two crowds of opposing protesters to keep the peace.

However, the event ultimately stayed relatively peaceful. There were reports of some skirmishes and arrests closer to the Amway Center.