Protest for better security planned at Miya Marcano's apartment complex

The family of Miya Marcano is demanding answers from law enforcement and the management of the Orlando-area apartment complex where she lived before her disappearance and death.

A lease form from an Arden Villas resident sent FOX 35 News specifically addresses safety, saying in part, "Owner makes no representations or guarantees to residents concerning the security of the leased premises or the residential community," and is "under no obligation to residents to provide any security measure." 

Arden Villas recently sent a statement saying it is enhancing security protocols in light of the disappearance and death of Marcano.

"It’s not OK. It shouldn’t be this way. Not even just this complex but every complex should have security regardless of the situation," Katie Preiner said.

The lease also specifically addresses background checks saying, in part: "Owner has no obligation to obtain criminal background checks on any Residents and bears no responsibility or liability related to the criminal background or actions of any person" and there’s "not a guarantee that a person with a criminal background does not reside at the Residential Community."

Arden Villas says it did run a background check on the prime suspect in Marcano's disappearance, Armando Caballero, explaining in this statement:

"Concerning Mr. Caballero specifically, no records of either burglary or sexual assault were found, and rumors to the contrary appear to be based on online documents referencing someone else with the same name."

One lawyer told FOX 35 the wording of this lease is broad and vague but typical. The lawyer for the family of Miya Marcano is threatening possible legal action, but nothing has been filed.  

Residents are pushing for more security and have a petition with more than 25,000 signatures and a rally planned for Wednesday.

"Our bare minimum would say security 24/7 outside the gate and the second thing is for residents to have the ability to break their lease if these things aren’t met or if at the end of the day, they aren’t adequate enough that they don’t feel safe here," said #MakeArdenSafe organizer Julia Veiga.

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