'Project Opioid' to help businesses fight drug crisis with $2.7 million grant

Project Opioid, in partnership with CareerSource, is rolling out a $2.7 million dollar grant that will help local businesses and faith groups fight the opioid pandemic.

Businesses can apply for a piece of that federal money so they can use it to train their workers on how to counsel others struggling with addiction.

Project Opioid works with community leaders to stop the opioid pandemic. Its CEO, Andrae Bailey, says that overdoses have increased drastically during the pandemic.

"This grant is going to allow us to inject resources right into companies, churches, and organizations around Central Florida to build that workforce we need to save lives," Bailey said. "If overdoses are up 40-50 percent, we’re going to need 40-50 percent more workers helping those in need."

Project Opioid will start this program at the end of June. For organizations that are interested, click here.

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