President Trump’s new pandemic advisor visits Central Florida

Dr. Scott Atlas, President Trump’s new pandemic advisor, made a stop in The Villages alongside Governor Ron DeSantis.

Dr. Atlas, whose background is in neuroradiology, is part of the COVID-19 task force. 

He broke down the president’s strategy during a press briefing at UF Health, including protecting those most at risk, keeping hospitals from overcrowding, and reopening schools. 

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Schools taking the center of the conversation with most schools across the state now in session.

“There’s nothing really higher on the national agenda than educating our children and the harms of not opening schools are really tremendous,” he said. 

Monday, the Washington Post reported Atlas is pushing the controversial herd immunity strategy. During the briefing, he repeatedly denied those claims.

“That was never a strategy that was advocated by me and the administration. The president does not have a strategy like that. I’ve never advocated that strategy,” he said.