President Obama surprises campaign volunteers in Orlando

As former President Barack Obama wrapped up his remarks in Orlando, a group of volunteers were gathering and about to get a surprise of a lifetime.

FOX 35 was the only local station taking a ride in President Obama’s motorcade.

The motorcade pulled up to the Biden Campaign Victory Center in South Orlando.

“It is good to see all of you out here doing the work,” Obama said.

“Oh my gosh, I’m having a moment, I have always wanted to see him in person. It’s hard to believe. So exciting,” Braymer said.

“If you could see my grin. I can’t believe this happened. This is so cool,” said Karen Roby, Biden campaign volunteer.

“I would give you all big hugs, but I can’t because we run a sensible, science-based campaign operation around here,” Obama said.

The former president surprised the volunteers.

“I’m merely here just to say 'thank you.' I’m thanking you on behalf of Joe Biden. I’m thanking you on behalf of Kamala Harris, and I’m thanking you on behalf of the American people,” Obama said.

Reminding the volunteers why their role is so important.

“This is the lifeblood of any campaign. This is the lifeblood of our democracy and everything you’re doing is going to make a difference,” Obama said. “The stakes could not be higher, but whenever I see volunteers out there working, it tells me good things are going to happen.”

As the former president drove away, the volunteers left more inspired than ever to hit the ground running in the final stretch to Election Day.