President Donald Trump honors Alexandria shooting first responders at White House ceremony

President Donald Trump honored the brave first responders who rushed to the scene of the Alexandria shooting during a special ceremony at the White House on Thursday.

Trump awarded the Public Safety Medal of Valor to Capitol police special agents David Bailey and Crystal Griner, and Alexandria police officers Nicole Battaglia, Kevin Jobe and Alexander Jensen.

In the video player above, watch as President Donald Trump honors the first responders of the Alexandria shooting

The five law enforcement officers were credited with saving several lives after authorities said 66-year-old James Hodgkinson opened fire at a baseball field during a Republican baseball practice on June 14.

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, Congressional aide Zachary Barth, former staffer and current Tyson Foods lobbyist Matt Mika and Griner were wounded during the shooting.

Bailey was not shot but was treated and released after suffering an injury during the incident. Rep. Roger Williams (R-Texas) was injured after diving into the dugout during the incident.

Jennifer Scalise, the wife of Steve Scalise, was attended the ceremony. Steve Scalise was discharged from the hospital Wednesday morning after battling infections stemming from the shooting. Barth and Mika had been previously released from the hospital.