Pregnant woman stable after shooting

A 33-year-old pregnant woman is recovering at Orlando Regional Medical Center after investigators say she was shot in front of her house on Trumbo Street in Winter Garden early Tuesday morning. 

Deputies say the woman, who is eight months pregnant, is not a victim of a drive-by shooting, but rather, they are calling the incident a domestic incident.  Authorities arrested 26-year-old Jeremiah Patrick in the shooting, charging him with attempted first-degree murder.

“I just thank God she’s alright,” said Demetria, the victim’s sister.  Demetria says she received a call from Patrick around 4:30 a.m. saying her sister had been shot.  “He called my phone as was like ‘Oh, sis it was a drive by.’  I said, 'Well where did she get shot at?'  He was like, ‘Oh she got in the house.'  How did she get shot in the house if it was a drive-by?” asked Demetria, who made it clear she didn’t believe Patrick. 

Demetria says Patrick is the father of her sister’s unborn child.  “I just thank God she’s okay, I ain’t losing another sibling by a gun, especially by somebody that claims they love her,” said Demetria.

Demetria says her sister and Patrick were arguing right here in front of her sister’s house when Patrick pulled the gun and fired at her sister.  “It went through here across her chest. Its stuck in her chest. They say they can’t move it because she might bleed to death,” said Demetria.   

Demetria drove to the hospital as soon as she got the call this morning and waited at her sister’s bedside until she woke up.  “I got to see her and chat with her for a little bit or whatever. Its just it’s scary, scary getting that phone call knowing that she’s pregnant,” said Demetria.

Doctors told the family that the victim is in stable condition and the unborn baby is okay too, but the victim will stay in the hospital for a few days, just to be safe.  “We just want her to get well.  Come home, you know,” said Demetria.  She says her sister’s two children, ages 2 and 11, were asleep in the home when the shooting took place.