Prayer vigil held for victims of Orlando workplace shooting

Pastors at the non-denominational church The Glory Center and people from The Motiv Dance Center held a prayer vigil for the victims of the Fiamma workplace shooting.

For the first time we heard from the family of Kevin Lawson, one of the victims in Monday's shooting.   His daughter stood at the podium, making a promise in honor of her father saying, "Somehow, some way, we will get through this. Each and every one of us. Dad would want us to...."

It was the first time she publicly spoke, and she chose to do it at the prayer vigil held by business owners from a plaza across the street from Fiamma.  Organizers say they didn't know any of the victims, but the proximity made it hit home.

After the service, Lawson's father delivered a strong statement.

Rick Davis says, "If you haven't reached down and hugged your kid today, do it now.  You never know how quick it will be."

Davis says he was not shocked this happened, because his son had voiced concerns about the shooter.  

"The one thing I want to go away from here knowing is that everybody understands that we don't pay enough attention to what's going on."