Police: Woman shot in apparent case of road rage

A woman, just out for a walk in an Ocala neighborhood, became the victim of road rage, authorities said.  Marion County Deputies said the driver was so angry, they pulled out a gun and shot her in the foot.

Lieutenant Paul Bloom, with the Sheriff's Office said, "Everything appears to be a random incident. I guess you would call it road rage."

"That's kind of scary," said Kaelen Jaims, who lives nearby.

Deputies found the woman sitting on the side of the road. It's just steps away from Kaelen Jaims' home.
"I would never think something like this could happen. That makes me really uncomfortable," Jaims explained. "It's like, scary. That could happen to me, when I'm just pulling into my house going home."

Deputies said there was some kind of argument between the woman and the driver, and the driver nearly hit the woman. The two yelled at each other as the car drove by. Then, deputies said the driver turned back around, and fired out the window.

There have been no arrests, and there are no leads right now, but deputies are actively investigating the case. That woman is recovering, according to deputies.

"I think I'll be more careful coming into my house," Jaims said.