Police: Woman shot by teen burglars wearing clown masks

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Police are searching for a group of teens wearing clown masks that broke into a North Texas home and shot the startled homeowner in the face.

Security cameras captured three people rush in the front door of a Gainesville home Tuesday night in Cooke County.

The homeowner told police she fell asleep on the couch and was awakened by three intruders. They had BB guns and all had their faces covered. Two of them were wearing clown masks.

The men didn’t say anything to her, the victim said. They only spoke to each other in Spanish and started shooting around the room. Police say one of the teens shot her in her face and her arm.

The victim was rushed to a local hospital and is expected to recover.

Billy Franklin, the victim’s cousin, captured video of the suspects with his security cameras next door. He says the 31-year old single mom was with her two youngest children and ran to another room before she was shot.

Gainesville police believe the intruders are young teens about 13 or 14 years old. They believe the clown mask disguises may have been inspired by the many clown incidents reported across the country. However, they think this case is different.

"There's been some national attention on the clown issue,” said Gainesville Police Chief Kevin Phillips. “I think this is more related to a possible dispute between her son and these individuals."

The woman told police she thinks one of the intruders was a boy who knocked on her door twice looking for her oldest son.

Investigators are treating the case as a burglary and add the teens could face other charges as well.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Gainesville Police Department at 940-668-7777. Tipsters can remain anonymous by calling 940-612-0000.