Police: Woman causes crash while rescuing turtle

Authorities in Florida say a woman caused a two-car crash when she stopped her car in a busy roadway to rescue a turtle that was crossing in front of her.

The incident happened late Friday morning along Grissom Parkway in Titusville. 

Investigators said Patricia Diane Dillard, 65, of Titusville, was driving southbound on Grissom Parkway, but she stopped in the roadway to move a turtle from the street. Christina Lynn Campbell, 41, of Cocoa, was also driving southbound on Grissom Parkway, when she struck the rear of the stopped vehicle.

"We strongly urge against driver's stopping their vehicles in the middle of a travel lane because it creates a significant risk to public safety", said Deputy Chief Todd Hutchinson. "Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured in this incident", added Hutchinson.

The crash remains under investigation.