Police: Stolen prescription pads lead to arrest of 6

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Several South Florida residents accused of stealing prescription pads to write fake scripts have been arrested.

Media outlets report a multi-agency team that includes the Drug Enforcement Administration made the arrests in July. Those arrested were 29-year-old Alexis McDonald, 25-year-old Harolena Persad, and at least four others.

All six people face Rackateer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act conspiracy charges, as well as a number of trafficking charges.

The Florida Attorney General's Office says in a statement that police believe Persad and McDonald, who both worked as medical assistants at Bethesda Health, stole two prescription pads belonging to Dr. Edyta Mularczyk.

Police say this led to 140 forged prescriptions and 17,250 doses of prescription drugs that were sold on the black market.

It's unclear if any of the suspects have attorneys.