Police search for man accused of luring children

Kanisha Howard is mad. 

She says her five-year-old son was playing with some neighborhood kids off of Kennedy Road in Daytona Beach on Tuesday, around 5 p.m., when a man in a white Chevy Impala called out to them, offered them dollar bills and asked some of them to get into his car.  Howard's son got inside the vehicle.

"My son was the last one to get a dollar. He said, 'Come on, get in the car, I'm gonna teach you how to drive.' He got in the car, put him on his lap and let him turn the car on and off!"

Another six-year-old also got into the car, on the passenger's side.  Police say some older kids nearby yelled for the boys to get out of the vehicle.  That's when the man drove off, but not before telling Howard's son to come back to this spot the next day alone, and he would give him 100 dollars.

Howard said, "It is scary, because I don't know what would happen if something happened to my son."

The kids told police the man said his name was Wallace and had tattoos on his face of several guns and a teardrop.