Police say man hid pot in fake bible box

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Orlando Police arrested a man, after he allegedly stashed drugs inside something that looked religious.

"It tried to resemble a Bible, it had 'Bible' written on the front, but you could tell it opened up," explained Officer Dave Scott.  

It's just part of the haul that Officer Scott said he found when he responded to a call at an Orlando-area apartment complex.  Apartment managers first complained about the smell.   When Scott went inside, he found drugs, guns and that hollowed-out bible box with a surprise hiding inside.

"People attempt to hide things in very creative places all the time. You learn to check everything. We've found them in 'Pringle' bottles; they change bottles up so they can hide them in the bottom, but still keep the chips inside of them."

Shacoi Jabari William, 23, faces drug and gun charges.  Officer said they removed a "dangerous person" off the streets.