Police say 'Goldilocks' burglar lived in beachfront mansion for nearly a week

Right along State Road A1A, nestled between every type of palm tree imaginable, sits a luxurious oceanfront mansion.  It’s estimated worth is at $1.4 million. 

Melbourne Beach Police say, according to Franchesca Pacheco, the home was free -- a gift from above.  She told her family that God found a beach home for her and the angels paid for it.  Investigators say Pacheco lived there for four days, making herself at home without the owners ever know.  Pacheco crossed paths with Sgt. Melanie Griswold last week.

“I was driving around, and she flagged me down, and she wanted to tell me she wanted to fill out a report for having her driver's license stolen,” said Sgt. Griswold.  

Sgt. Griswold says this woman never had a Florida driver's license and her story only got stranger from there. 

“She told me I'm to know that she's Jehovah and does go by God.  Her name was God,” Sgt. Griswold said.

Not knowing what she was dealing with, Sgt. Griswold called for back up support.  When her partner arrived, she said Pacheco invited them into the house. 

“She offered us water.  She had the TV on, coffee going,” said Sgt. Griswold. 

The sergeant said things weren’t adding up.  With a quick records check, she was able to get the and number of the home’s legal owner, she called and she says they confirmed her suspicions. 

“They did not know who she was, did not realize she was there,” said Sgt.  Griswold.

She said Pacheco was living out a strange version of "Goldilocks and The Three Bears."

“She slept in every room, every bed.”  

Investigators said Pacheco left clothes all over the house and even drove the homeowners brand new minivan around town.  Police say this “Goldilocks” wasn’t so nice.  She is accused of attacking Sgt. Griswold as she arrested her.  

“That's from her twisting her hand around and grabbing a hold of my finger with her nails and digging them in,” Sgt. Griswold said, pointing out a scratch on her wrist. 

No fairytale ending here either, as Melbourne Beach Police charged Pacheco with grand theft, burglary and assault on a law enforcement officer.