Florida woman stabbed boyfriend after argument over Tyler Perry movie, police say

A Florida woman was arrested after police say she stabbed her boyfriend in the chest after an argument over a Tyler Perry movie they were watching.

"They were watching a Tyler Perry movie, which I read in the report had some drama in it maybe that may have instigated the fight, but overall it was just an altercation within the home," said Ava Hanner a spokesperson for the DeLand Police Department.

In their report, investigators say the suspect, Naujaa Robinson, of DeLand, seemed drunk and told them her boyfriend, who hasn't been named, bit her first.

Robinson told investigators she stabbed her boyfriend in the chest in self-defense, and a relative had to drive him to the hospital.

But the police report notes that those alleged bite wounds had already scabbed over.

So far, the boyfriend has not been charged with any crime.

"Crazy, you know, like I said, my wife and I have been here for almost over two years, and it’s been very peaceful," said Michael McGhee, a next-door neighbor. "Just to hear something like that, it’s crazy to think of what’s going on."

Police say they collected evidence at the scene, including a knife covered in blood.

The victim's brother told FOX 35 News he is recovering.

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