Police say Apopka homeowner fired shots at intruders

Apopka police detectives are investigating an alleged home invasion where shots were fired at the intruders.  They want to look inside the house where the home invasion happened, because they believe there could be important evidence inside.   Crime scene investigators spent the day collecting evidence and detectives questioned witnesses after the intruders were reported to have entered the residence on Plymouth Sorrento Road.  Police said two men knocked on the door with a handgun and threatened the man who lives there, but the victim pulled out his own gun.

"Some sort of struggle ensued, and he fired at them and they took off running," said Sgt. Ed Chittenden with the Apopka Police Department.  Sgt. Chittenden said the man who lives at the home was cut in the face, possibly with a bottle.  Investigators are trying to nail down why the suspects tried to rob him.  "We’ll let all the facts and circumstances play out, but it is peculiar that he made the statement, 'Hey I only sell a little bit of marijuana. I don’t know why they would be here.'"

One eyewitness said she saw the two suspects run from the house, one of them with a handgun.  Neighbors across the street said they stayed inside their home, afraid they could be shot in the chaos.  "We heard the gunshots from inside the house. My mom wouldn’t let me come outside," said resident Johnny Dyal. 

Police set up a perimeter with armed officers and used dogs and a helicopter to search for the two suspects .  Wolf Lake Elementary and Wolf Lake Middle schools were locked down for a short while during the manhunt.  Apopka police said most residents should not worry about becoming victims of a home invasion.  "I would say your average law abiding citizen, it would be extremely rare to have a random home invasion robbery," Sgt. Chittenden added.

Police said no appears to have been shot, despite the bullets flying.   As of now, the two suspects are still on the loose.