Police: Rap video in North Philadelphia leads to arrest

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UPDATE: Monday morning, all charges against Kyree Saunders were withdrawn in court. He has been completely cleared.

FROM APRIL 6, 2017:

A man is behind bars after a rap video gone wrong.

20-year-old Kyree Saunders didn't make it to work at the airport Wednesday night. He was behind bars after police say a city firefighter saw him pointing a loaded AR-15 assault rifle out the window of a van in North Philly.

It happened just after 5 p.m. Tuesday evening near a SEPTA railroad overpass at 16th and Indiana after the firefighter dialed 9-1-1. Officers then pulled the van Saunders over at 16th and Ontario. Police say inside they found Saunders with an AR-15, loaded with 43 rounds of ammunition. In the back seat, a guy with a video camera, investigators say.

According to police, Saunders and the cameraman told them they were riding around North Philly shooting a rap video. They also told police the AR-15 didn't belong to them, but it belonged to a friend.

Police arrested Saunders, confiscated the AR-15 and the video. Sources say it allegedly shows Saunders loading the high-powered weapon and pointing it out the window while the pair were driving around the streets.

Sources say Saunders works at Philadelphia International Airport for a subcontractor refueling shuttle buses and transport vehicles. Police say his arrest has now drawn the attention of officials and homeland security investigators.