Police officers hang Christmas lights for disabled resident

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Some Arkansas police officers went above and beyond the call of duty to help a disabled citizen who was trying to get into the holiday spirit.

Monday, Centerton Mayor Bill Edwards said on Facebook he received a message from a disabled person in need of helping putting up Christmas lights.

"It is an important part of Christmas to me," the resident told Mayor Edwards. "I have only one eave that needs a sliding aluminum ladder, which I do not have." 

Edwards put out a call for help on Facebook, asking if anyone was willing to help.

The Centerton Police Department responded and several officers sprang into action. 

"Some days it's not just about writing tickets and taking people to jail," Centerton police said on Facebook. "Community policing is a major need in this day and age, and we believe even the smallest acts can leave lasting effects!" 

The police department shared four photos of officers hanging lights on the resident's home. 

"Thanks for giving back to the community and thanks for a job well done," Mayor Edwards said Monday night.