Police: Mother Arrested for Using Brillo Pad to Clean Son's Face

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A Coweta County mother faces child cruelty charges after she used a Brillo pad to scrub eye makeup off her son's face, according to sheriff's deputies. Veridiana Pardo Meo Erbskorn said rock and roll led to a change in her 12-year-old son’s behavior and appearance, one that she was unhappy about.

Deputies said they came to Erbskorn's home Tuesday night after a 911 call from the child’s sibling. That call alerted authorities to Erbskorn’s alleged use of a Brillo pad, a combination of steel wool and soap that is used for household cleaning, to scrub her son’s face.

Deputies said Erbskorn admitted to the act and told them her son was going through a “rock and roll phase,” wearing a leather jacket, using eye liner and attempting to dye his hair red. She said she used the Brillo pad to take makeup off the preteen’s face.

The boy was treated in the emergency room at Piedmont Newnan Hospital. Authorities said medical staff told investigators the boy had soap residue on his face and scratches to one eye. They were not sure whether his eye was permanently damaged.

Deputies arrested Erbskorn and charged her with two counts of child cruelty. Deputies allowed the boy to return to his home and have alerted the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services.