Police: Man made counterfeit cash in Orlando condominium

Orlando police officers, Orange County sheriff's deputies, and the Secret Service were all working together,  trying to track down counterfeit someone was spending around the city for months.  They say a sandwich delivery guy helped lead them to the source in the heart of downtown Orlando. 

"The $5 was real the two $20's were fake.  I didn't even think to check it. He just told me to keep the change on a $36 dollar order. 9 dollar tip, you really don't question it," said Matthew Echegaray. 

The Jimmy John's deliver guy says he'll never make that mistake again.  He didn't realize the cash he'd just collected for an order at The Grande condominiums in downtown Orlando was fake until he went back to the shop.  

"I hand my manager the money for the deposit. He just looks at me and says where did you get these from? I told him where and he told me that these are fake just immediately they called the police on him because apparently he did it three days earlier as well."

Orlando Police say Richard Lopez has been going on a counterfeit spending spree around town since February, and it was another careless move at The Grande that did him in. 

On the 6th floor of the parking garage, police say someone found 92 counterfeit $20 bills.  Police say hours later Lopez himself came looking for cash.  Between surveillance video from that day and the Jimmy John's order, investigators figured out who they were looking for.  When they searched his home at The Grande condo's, investigators say they found more funny money along with all the tools to make more, printer, ink and templates.

"That's definitely very shocking to hear," said Echegaray.

Echegaray says the bogus bills Lopez gave him looked like the real thing. 

"It was a little darker tint. But on the older bills it's really hard to distinguish. But it had the texture and it just felt like a newer, but not crisp bill," said Echegaray.

Lopez is out of jail on bond.  The second suspect in this case has not yet been arrested.