Police: Man in Ocala standoff fatally shot himself

Ocala Police say a man fatally shot himself after a standoff with officers.

Officers responded to the Marion County Library main branch on Monday where they say they tried to communicate with the man but could not reach him.  Nearby, buildings were locked down following reports of an armed man in a car who was threatening to hurt himself.

A SWAT team responded and tear gas was administered.  Police say two loud pops were heard after that. The man, later identified as 35-year-old Jeremy Michael Nabozny, inside the car.   He was taken away by emergency personnel.  

George Vasquez, who was inside the library during the lockdown, said the incident scared him.  "I heard there were bombs, but, I wasn’t sure if that was true or not. That’s what made me even more scared.  He added that the terror events in New York City and New Jersey were on his mind. "Now that you mention it, it could come down here," He said.

Police said later that Nabozy died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

"It is unfortunate this incident was not resolved, without the loss of a life," said Sgt. C. L. Barnes with Ocala Police Department.