Police make arrest in DeLand armed robbery

It's a phone call the DeLand Police Department never expected but gladly accepted.   Sonya Matsey, 36, is in jail, because she told on herself. 

"She felt a little guilty and wanted to confess to the crime," said police spokesperson Chris Graham. 

Police said Matsey admitted she was the one who walked into a 7-Eleven in September, wearing a hockey mask, flashed a gun and demanded money.  

After the confession call, detectives showed up at Matsey's house, where she showed them where she burned some evidence.  Police said she also showed them the spot in the backyard where she allegedly buried more evidence. 

"She showed us a fake gun she used during the robbery, as well as a hockey mask," Graham said.

Investigators said Matsey admitted to changing her clothes after the robbery, then jumping into a cab. Police stopped that taxi that night. 

"We actually interviewed someone who matched the description, but wasn't in the clothes," said Matsey.

Matsey said it was was her in that taxi, but she still managed to get away.  While confessing, DPD said she admitted to spending the $50 she stole on booze and cigarettes.