Police looking for information on child found near U.S.-Mexico Border

Police in the Texas border town of El Paso are looking for information that would assist them in identifying a child that was located, alone, near the U.S./Mexico border in February.

According to El Paso Police, the child is believed to be two to three years in age, and may be named "Luis". He was located on February 22 in Ciudad Juarez. The Mexican city, located across the Rio Grande from El Paso, is linked by several International Bridges, according to El Paso Police.

The child is described by El Paso Police as Hispanic, 3' tall, weighing 40 lbs, with short brown hair, brown eyes, with a birthmark above the left eyebrow. Police said he was found wearing blue sweatpants, black shoes, and a shirt.

El Paso Police believes the child is an American citizen, because he understands and speaks English.

Anyone with information should call El Paso Police at (915) 832-4400.