Police investigate murder at Palm Bay apartment

People who live in The Pines apartments in Palm Bay woke up to gunshots in the middle of the night, and later a crime scene investigation at their doorstep, as police try to figure out why someone shot a man in an apartment there early Wednesday morning.

"I got woken up, and I heard what sounded like what I thought might have been just a banging sound, like someone hitting something," said one neighbor, who asked not to be named in this report. 

The man said he heard the shots at around 3 a.m, and then the commotion of the investigation before the sun came up. He learned about what happened only when he saw the crime scene tape.

"I put it together and realized what I heard was gunshots and the helicopter," he added.

Palm Bay Police said Willie Oliver Hagan Jr., 31, was found shot to death in an apartment unit on Pinewood Drive. Police believe he was targeted.

"We're looking into multiple leads right now. We're going over the scene, talking to witnesses, talking to family, trying to determine the motive why this happened… it doesn't appear to be a random act."

Police are still asking anyone with information on the shooting to call them.