Police investigate after body found in Apopka

Crime scene investigators and Orange County deputies spent hours in Apopka looking for more evidence surrounding a body found in the woods. 

There are questions after Orange County Sheriff’s deputies found the body of a black man in the woods. 

“Everybody knows everybody so idk who that could be,” said Monica Bridges, whose mother lives nearby.

“I didn’t hear, see anything. I just came home to this,” said neighbor Sahneddiya Payne.  “That’s just sad, and it’s so close to Thanksgiving.”

A death investigation right off the West Orange Bike Trail, deputies say someone found the body and flagged them down shortly before one Wednesday afternoon. 

“It’s a trail for bikers and I see a lot.”

Investigators searched for clues for hours, leaving neighbors with more speculation than answers. 

“Somebody must have had to dump it there or something.”

“I don’t know if they’re disposing bodies back here because it’s dark. I don’t know. I really don’t know though this is Apopka so a lot does go on,” said Payne.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate.