Police: Girlfriend tied to take fall for boyfriend accused of hit-and-run

Police say Kelly Healey tried to take the fall for her boyfriend. Now, she's paying the price for it. Healey was booked into the Volusia County jail after Orange City police charged her boyfriend, Walter Gunther, with the hit-and-run death of a fourteen year old girl.

When Healey bonded out of jail, she wouldn't answer how she felt about covering for her boyfriend.

“It's bad, it's horrible, the whole situation, but I don't want to say any more,” Healey said.

In Healey's call to police, she said she was the one behind the wheel. “I was on my way home from picking up my husband and I hit what I thought was an animal,” she said in the call, “it didn't (inaudible) and now I've got out of my car and looked at the front of it and it feels and smells like lip balm or something. And I'm really worried that it was a person.”

It was a person that was hit. Another driver found fourteen year old Danielle Llewellyn’s lifeless body in the middle of the Volusia County street, right where Healey said it was.

“I'm near the corner of Volusia and Enterprise, and I just found a woman in the street, and I'm seeing what looks like blood. I need an officer over here right now,” the man who found the body told police dispatchers.

After they interrogated both Healey and Gunther, police concluded that Gunther was the one driving the car, and Healey was trying to take the blame. Gunther already had a suspended license and police charged him in the girl's death.

Healey had this to say for Llewellyn’s family, “I'm really sorry that happened, I truly am. I have kids myself, I can only imagine.”

Healey has been charged as an accessory - also a felony - for saying she's the one who did it. Healey says she doesn't have a lawyer yet, and doesn't know when her court date is.

When asked about Gunther, all she could say was: “He's a good man.”