Police cook lonely Italian couple dinner after they were heard crying

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A story about police in Rome cooking dinner for a lonely elderly couple has gone viral on social media.

The Facebook page Questura di Roma, which translates to Police in Rome, posted photos last week of the officers with the elderly couple.

The elderly couple is 89-year-old Jole and 94-year-old Michele. The two have been together nearly 70 years, but police say they don't really get any visitors. They rely on their TV for entertainment and company.

One particular evening, there was an abundance of bad news being reported which apparently upset the couple, as they "scream[ed] so loud in their despair that, in the end, somebody call[ed] the state police," the Facebook post says via Facebook translation. The post is written in Italian.

State police showed up at their home, but everyone was all right.

Police called an ambulance to come do a health check on Jole and Michele.

As officers were waiting for the ambulance, they looked around the house and saw its desolate state. A few shriveled grapes were on their table, but other than that there were really no signs of food anywhere.

Police say they asked for permission to look in their pantry, and decided to put together a meal for them.

It wasn't much -- some noodles with butter and cheese.

There was on special ingredient, though, police say: humanity.

The post from Questura di Roma has been shared nearly 24,000 times. Many are commenting thanks to the officers, and that this has inspired them to go visit the elderly in their own lives.